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Ifalik is one of several atolls commonly refer to as Outer Islands of Yap, and is the most traditional and very conservative in its approach to Globalization and Westernization. Yet, many of her people have left to seek opportunities elsewhere. 

Ifalikese are everywhere. From the country side of Yap, in Makiy, to the jungles of Madoleniwh, Pohnpei and way out to the rock islands of Palau and even way next door to Mt. Kilauea on big Island, and on to the shores of Kauai. Even the Florida everglades has been discovered and settled by these Ifalikian. 

Don’t be surprise if see one or two at the Texas Stadium where Jerry Jones and his Cowboys play. You can even find them in the middle of Lake Tahoe and the beautiful coast of Oregon, not to mention the Puget Sound and up north near the border to Canada in Acme, Washington. 

Even Donald Trump has neighbors in Washington D.C that were hailed from Ifalik. And not only Trump, but Chief Quipuha has neighbors too that came from Ifalik. 

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Ifalik need a lot of help in messaging, logistics, campaigning, financing and so on. Please reach out to help ifalik reaches its goals. Thank you in advance for your contributions.
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Ifalik is currently undertaking two projects, the Ordination Fund and the Ifalik Female Alliance (IFA) Fund. The Ordination Fund is to help Ifalik in its desire to host an ordination for one of its sons whom is currently in the process of getting the education needed to do just that. Ifalik needs your prayers for her son to accomplish the goal.
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Inspiration comes from all directions. Ifalik invites and encourages you to get involve and be a role model and an inspiration to its young girls and boys.